California Governor Signs Bills to Increase the Cannabis Industry

Nowadays, the legalization of cannabis has been supported by many countries and states. Interestingly enough, the state of California is not an exception.

To start with, California governor Newsom signs cannabis legislation, according to which, the legal marijuana markets need to be expanded. He takes action to remove all the prohibitions and rules of cannabis use.

Newsom states that marijuana is not available to all people. Even though the progress of cannabis legalization is notable, there are certain institutions that influence the marijuana industry badly. That is, they create obstacles to the spread and legalization of marijuana all over the state. That is why the governor turns to legislators and policymakers to resolve this issue.

They should make an effort to increase marijuana use and have a sustainable marijuana industry. Certain measures are taken to implement the process of marijuana legalization and make it available to the people living in California.

The main bills signed by the governor include:

  • SB 1326: enables California to make marijuana transactions with foreign organizations located out of the territory.

  • AB 1706: solves the implementation gap in marijuana record sealing law by providing residents with record relief.

  • SB 1186: eliminates the communities’ prohibition on medicinal marijuana and allows patients to have access to medicinal cannabis products through delivery.

  • AB 2188: supports employees who use recreational cannabis outside of workplaces and stops employers from discriminating against the workers.

So, the purpose behind the bills mentioned above is to expand the marijuana market and support the law of California in terms of marijuana legitimation. Here, it is important to notice that based on cannabis legislation signed by Newsom, marijuana users are entitled to tax relief. Besides, it will strengthen community health and protect equity organizations.

By giving priority to consumers’ health and protection, Governor Newsom has made policy changes. Additionally, he has addressed the California Department of Public Health to explore research about hemp having high potency.

Thus, all these changes will increase the chance of having access to cannabis products and expand the marijuana industry.

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