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How Many Dispensaries Are in California?

There are about 1,000 dispensaries in California. However, not all cities and counties in the state permit the establishment of cannabis dispensaries within their jurisdictions. To find which cities or counties permit cannabis dispensaries in California, see the allowed cannabis businesses page of the DCC website.

When Do California Marijuana Dispensaries Open Near Me?

Per state law, cannabis retailers are permitted to sell their products between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. However, California cities and counties may set more restrictive hours. For cities and counties abiding by the state law, in-store sales must be finished by 10:00 p.m., and no delivery drivers may return to the retail premises later than 10:00 p.m. To find the opening times for California dispensaries near you, you need to check the websites of the dispensaries or contact them using the phone numbers stated on them.

Do California Cannabis Dispensaries Open Late Near Me?

Opening hours vary per municipality and dispensary in California. While state law permits dispensaries to close no later than 10:00 p.m., California municipalities enforce different closing hours for cannabis retail stores. Hence, you can find closing hours for nearby dispensaries by calling the contact phone numbers of the stores or checking their websites.

Are there California Dispensaries Near Me that Deliver?

Many California dispensaries offer cannabis delivery to their customers. Hence, the odds that a dispensary offering this service is close to you are high as long as cannabis delivery and dispensaries are not banned in your area. However, to be certain, you may check the websites of nearby California cannabis dispensaries. To find their websites, search online using the keywords “California dispensaries near me.”

Are there California Dispensaries that Ship Out of State?

Dispensaries in California are only allowed to ship cannabis products within the state. Regardless of the shipment destination or origin, shipping cannabis across state lines is illegal due to the federal classification of the substance as a Schedule I drug. Note that mailing cannabis across is unlawful, whether through private carriers such as FedEx and UPS or the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Are there Recreational Dispensaries in California?

Recreational dispensaries are permitted to operate in California under the cannabis legalization law - the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA). In accordance with the MAUCRSA, cities, and counties may opt out of permitting cannabis establishments, including dispensaries, within their borders. Per a report from the California Department of Cannabis Control, 61% of California cities and counties do not allow any retail cannabis business within their borders.

What Do I Need to Bring to a California Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

You need to bring a government-issued photo identification card to show you are at least age 21 to be allowed inside a California recreational marijuana dispensary. Acceptable photo IDs include an unexpired California driver's license, any other ID issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a Military photo ID card, and a Passport.

What Do I Need to Bring to a California Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

You need to bring a medical cannabis recommendation issued by a California-licensed healthcare practitioner or a California medical marijuana card to be allowed to enter a medical cannabis dispensary in the state. Some dispensaries may also require you to present a valid photo ID.

Can I Visit a California Dispensary Near Me Without a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you have a government-issued ID to prove you are of legal age (21+) to buy cannabis, you can enter a California recreational cannabis dispensary. However, if you need to purchase medical cannabis, a medical cannabis card issued by the California Department of Health or a recommendation to use medical cannabis issued by a California-licensed healthcare practitioner is required.

Can I Enter a California Dispensary Near Me at Age 18?

At 18, you can enter a California medical marijuana dispensary, but you must be 21 to be allowed inside a recreational cannabis dispensary.

How Many California Dispensaries Near Me Can I Visit in A Day?

California does not limit the number of retail stores you enter in one day or the number of times you visit a particular store.

Do California Dispensaries Near Me Take Credit Cards?

No. A dispensary is typically a cash-only business in California. However, some dispensaries in the state also accept debit cards. There are also ATMs on-site at most California cannabis dispensaries, meaning you may withdraw cash on the premises of the dispensary to pay for your purchases.

Do California Dispensaries Near Me Accept Medical Insurance?

No. Since medical insurance plans do not cover cannabis (medical or recreational), dispensaries in California do not allow buyers to cover their purchases with medical insurance.

Do California Dispensaries Near Me Track How Much Weed I Buy?

Yes. California uses the Metrc application as its track and trace system. The Department of Cannabis Control requires cannabis retailers statewide to submit daily reports with specified data, including cannabis sales, to the department using the Metrc system.

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