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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Victorville?

No. The provisions of Ordinance 2376 prohibit commercial cannabis activities in all zoning districts, specific plan areas, and overlay zones of Victorville. Therefore, cannabis dispensaries cannot operate within city limits. California, Victorville’s home state, legalized recreational cannabis in November 2016 through the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, also called Proposition 64. The state allows municipal authorities to limit commercial cannabis activities within their territories.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Victorville?

No. As stipulated in Section 13.150.010 of the Victorville Municipal Code, medical marijuana dispensaries cannot be established in Victorville. However, the city permits the delivery of marijuana supplies to the local addresses of residents who are registered as medical marijuana patients or primary caregivers. Such deliveries must be conducted by state-licensed marijuana dispensaries located outside Victorville’s borders. Medical marijuana was legalized in California in 1996 after the approval of the California Compassionate Use Act, otherwise called Proposition 215. The California Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), which was signed into law in 2016, allowed businesses to obtain licenses from the state for the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries. In June 2017, the California State Legislature passed the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), also called Senate Bill 94. This law designated the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) as the agency for regulating commercial marijuana activities in the state.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Victorville?

Medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users in Victorville can legally purchase marijuana products from online cannabis dispensaries in nearby cities. Victorville does not restrict residents from purchasing specific types of marijuana products online. Persons purchasing weed for recreational use must visit the dispensaries’ physical locations to pick up their marijuana supplies. In contrast, online weed dispensaries can deliver cannabis products to registered medical marijuana patients in Victorville.

Visiting a Dispensary in Victorville

Victorville residents visiting medical marijuana dispensaries in nearby cities must carry government-issued photo identifications, medical marijuana identification cards, and doctor’s recommendations for cannabis treatment, in line with Senate Bill 94. Recreational cannabis users do not require special identification cards in order to purchase weed products at dispensaries, but they must present valid IDs to prove they are up to 21 years old.

Victorville Dispensary Laws

In line with the provisions of Ordinance 2376, Victorville does not have legitimate recreational or medicinal marijuana dispensaries operating within its borders.

Recreational Laws in Victorville

Victorville residents who are up to 21 years are eligible to consume marijuana products recreationally. Although the city does not have approved recreational cannabis dispensaries, residents can grow marijuana plants at home for personal use. Per Section 13.150.050 of the Victorville Municipal Code, recreational cannabis users can grow up to six cannabis plants at home, provided their cultivation areas are not visible from public spaces in the city. Furthermore, Senate Bill 94 permits Victorville residents who are at least 21 years old to carry weed products and give them out to other eligible adults without remuneration.

Medical Cannabis Laws in Victorville

Victorville residents diagnosed with specific medical conditions can register as medical marijuana patients under California’s medical marijuana program. Registered medical marijuana patients in Victorville can legally possess weed products, consume them, and grow marijuana plants at home for personal use. They can also order cannabis supplies from medical marijuana dispensaries in neighboring cities for delivery to their doorsteps.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Victorville

The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (DPH) issues medical marijuana identification cards to applicants in Victorville. Applicants must call the DPH at (800) 782-4264 to schedule appointments. The medical marijuana identification card appointments must be between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Mondays or Wednesdays at:

San Bernardino County Department of Public Health

Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP)

340 North Mountain View Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0010

Medical marijuana identification card applicants in Victorville must provide the following during their appointments:

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Victorville?

Victorville residents can legally consume weed products in private spaces.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Victorville Dispensary

To purchase weed products at dispensaries outside the boundary of Victorville, persons must provide valid government-issued photo identifications. Victorville residents buying weed products for medical use must have medical marijuana cards and doctor’s recommendations for cannabis treatment.

The Average Price in Victorville

Weed is sold for about $115 per ounce and $16 per gram at dispensaries in cities close to Victorville.

Most Popular Strains in Victorville

Some of the most popular strains of weed available at dispensaries close to Victorville are White Walker OG, WIFI OG, Mount Zereal Kush, Buddha’s Hand, Legend OG, Slow Lane, Pacific Stone, White Runtz, and Cereal Milk.

Can You Smoke in Public in Victorville?

No. As stipulated in Section 6.14.030 of the Victorville Municipal Code, it is illegal to smoke weed products in public areas of museums, libraries, and galleries in Victorville. Also, the city prohibits cannabis smoking in retail stores, public restrooms, elevators, city parks, recreational centers, sports fields, parking areas, restaurants, and health facilities. However, as stated in Section 6.14.060 of the Victorville Municipal Code, the owners of bars and hotels may permit weed smoking on their business premises.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Victorville?

According to Senate Bill 94, registered medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers in Victorville can possess up to 6 mature marijuana plants, 12 immature cannabis plants, and 8 ounces of weed products. Eligible recreational cannabis users can carry up to 28.5 grams of marijuana products, 8 grams of weed concentrates, and six marijuana plants.

Can I Ship Cannabis in Victorville?

No. Victorville residents cannot ship marijuana products due to the federal ban on cannabis use and transportation. Only medical marijuana dispensaries licensed in line with the provisions of Senate Bill 94 can legally deliver weed supplies to local addresses in Victorville.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Victorville

Yes. Victorville residents can order cannabis products from online marijuana dispensaries in surrounding cities. However, only registered medical marijuana patients can have weed supplies delivered to their homes in Victorville. Residents who order cannabis products for recreational use must visit the dispensary locations for in-store pickup of their orders.

Are there 24-hour Dispensaries in Victorville?

There are no 24-hour dispensaries in Victorville because Section 13.150.010 of the Victorville Municipal Code prohibits commercial cannabis businesses, including weed dispensaries, from operating within city limits.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Victorville?

Victorville does not restrict tourists from consuming marijuana products or purchasing them from dispensaries in nearby cities, provided they are up to 21 years old.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Victorville?

Victorville residents purchasing marijuana products from dispensaries in surrounding cities must provide valid government-issued photo identifications, such as driver’s licenses, at the points of sale.

Best Dispensaries in Victorville

The best dispensaries for Victorville residents are those that are registered in line with the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA). When searching for good marijuana dispensaries, including black-owned marijuana dispensaries, Victorville residents can scan the QR codes on the registration certificates displayed at the dispensaries.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Victorville?

Marijuana dispensaries in cities around Victorville usually scan the IDs of customers during age verification.

How Many Dispensaries are in Victorville?

There are no licensed marijuana dispensaries in Victorville.

Can Dispensaries in Victorville Take Credit Cards?

Cannabis dispensaries in places close to Victorville usually accept credit card payments.

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

Victorville residents can visit multiple cannabis dispensaries in one day.

Do Dispensaries in Victorville Take Health Insurance?

Medical marijuana dispensaries in cities around Victorville do not take health insurance because health insurance does not cover cannabis treatment.

Do Dispensaries in Victorville Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Marijuana dispensaries in areas close to Victorville usually track the amounts of weed products customers purchase to ensure they do not exceed their daily limits.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Victorville at Age 18?

Registered medical marijuana patients and caregivers in Victorville can enter weed dispensaries in neighboring towns at 18 years of age to buy cannabis products.

Where Can I Find Victorville Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

Victorville residents who wish to contact the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the state agency that regulates commercial cannabis activities, can call 1 (844) 612-2322.

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Victorville?

Victorville residents can report illegal cannabis activities to the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) by filing complaints online.