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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Antioch?

Yes. Pursuant to Section 9-5.3845 of the Antioch Municipal Code, cannabis dispensaries are permitted to operate in the city. Dispensaries may be located in the Cannabis Business Zoning Overlay District. Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis statewide in California and permitted the operations of cannabis dispensaries in California jurisdictions where local ordinances do not restrict the establishment of such businesses.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Antioch?

Yes. Section 9-5.3845 of the Antioch Municipal Code allows medical marijuana dispensaries to be established in the city. Note that medical cannabis became legal in 1996 following the approval of the California Compassionate Use Act. The Act authorized licensed entities to operate medical marijuana dispensaries in jurisdictions where local law does not prohibit establishing such businesses.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Antioch?

Yes. Antioch residents can purchase marijuana from retail outlets allowing cannabis buyers to place online orders. The city also permits cannabis deliveries to local addresses upon verifying the buyers' identities. Buyers can purchase marijuana in the form of edibles, flower, pre-rolls, dabs, cartridges, vape pens, and accessories.

Visiting a Dispensary in Antioch

A trip to a cannabis dispensary in Antioch is usually an enjoyable experience for cannabis lovers and first-time dispensary visitors. In Antioch, dispensaries range from modest shops in malls to big stores that resemble fancy boutiques. However, these businesses are strictly regulated under California law regardless of size. Knowing what to anticipate while visiting a local California dispensary is important.

Although you will not be allowed to buy cannabis without a legitimate government-issued ID, Antioch cannabis dispensaries will not even let you in without one. You must provide identification even if you appear older than the minimum age requirement. To purchase cannabis, you must be at least 21. However, you may purchase marijuana if you are 18 and have a California-issued medical marijuana card. Almost every dispensary in Antioch has some security. Many such establishments have security guards who verify IDs and maintain order, while security cameras may also be present.

Since cannabis remains federally illegal, most banks and credit card companies will not do business with dispensaries. If you forget to take cash to a dispensary or fail to take enough cash for your purchases, most dispensaries offer on-site ATMs that you may use to withdraw cash. Note that additional fees may apply for using ATMs.

Antioch cannabis dispensaries use budtenders to assist customers in making decisions. They may recommend cannabis strains, products, and even accessories you may need, simplifying what may otherwise be a daunting shopping process.

Antioch Dispensary Laws

Cannabis dispensaries are allowed to operate in Antioch. The following laws pertain to the operations of such businesses in the City of Antioch:

  • Cannabis dispensaries may not be located any closer than 600 feet from a public park, child care center, a private or public school serving students grade kindergarten through high school, or property occupied by a residential land use

  • Cannabis products may not be smoked or consumed in any form on the premises of a dispensary

  • Cannabis may not be sold to persons under 21 unless they have and present valid medical marijuana cards or recommendations

Recreational Laws in Antioch

Cannabis for recreational purposes is permitted for persons aged 21 or older in Antioch. Antioch adults of legal age are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. Retail sales of cannabis are legal in the city for businesses that have obtained the relevant licenses and permits to operate in the jurisdiction.

If you are moving through Antioch, you may possess marijuana as long as it is contained in a sealed container in the trunk of your vehicle. Per state law, being in possession of marijuana in public and having marijuana containers with open covers or broken seals are considered offenses. An open container violation may be penalized by a fine of up to $100. It is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis and to consume marijuana or marijuana products in public and federal lands or buildings.

Medical Cannabis Laws in Antioch

Medical marijuana is legal in Antioch as permitted under Proposition 215 and the MAUCRSA (Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act). California medical cannabis law allows Antioch residents suffering from specific ailments to access higher cannabis limits under its medical marijuana program. To be eligible to participate in the program, residents must obtain recommendations from qualified physicians for medical marijuana use. Antioch residents may also get medical marijuana identification cards which afford cardholders more protection against arrests for possessing marijuana.

Smoking medical cannabis in public places or vehicles is illegal in Antioch. Medical cannabis can only be purchased at licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and must be retained in childproof or sealed packaging as obtained from the dispensaries. Consumption of medical cannabis may only occur in private. Antioch residents who have obtained medical marijuana cards are exempted from paying sales tax on medical cannabis purchases. The California MAUCRSA allows Antioch patients under 18 or incapacitated to designate caregivers to help administer medical cannabis. Patients and approved caregivers can grow up to 6 mature or 12 immature marijuana plants and possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana concentrates.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Antioch

In order to qualify for a medical marijuana identification card in Antioch, you must have a qualifying medical condition, including:

  • Cancer

  • Cachexia

  • Arthritis

  • AIDS

  • Glaucoma

  • Anorexia

  • Seizures

  • Chronic pain

  • Migraine

  • Severe nausea

  • Persistent muscle spasm

  • Any condition that may significantly limit your ability to conduct basic life activities or that may inflict serious harm on your physical and mental health

An application for a medical marijuana card in Antioch must be submitted to the Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) office. Applications can only be submitted at scheduled appointments with the CCHS. To schedule an appointment with the office, call the Contra Costa Vital Registration at (925) 313-1126. At the appointment, the following will be required:

  • A completed application form

  • An acceptable government-issued photo ID, such as a California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)-issued driver's license or identification card. A Veteran's Administration Card or a United States Passport is also accepted

  • Proof of residency in Antioch. The proof must be in your name (patient) and bear a current physical address in the city

  • Written documentation or CDPH 9044 form from your attending physician recommending medical marijuana use as appropriate

  • Your attending physician's name, contact address, and California medical license number

  • Non-refundable application fee of $100 for Medi-Cal beneficiaries or $50 for regular applicants. Payments may be made using cash, money order, or a credit or debit card

  • Current Medi-Cal card if you are a beneficiary

    Submit the application at:

Contra Costa Public Health Vital Registration &

Medical Marijuana ID Card Program

10 Douglas Drive, Ste #220

Martinez, CA 94553

Phone: (925) 313-1126

Fax: (925) 313-1127

After the state verifies your information, the State Department of Health will send your medical marijuana card to the Contra Costa Vital Registration. Upon arrival, the Vital Registration office will mail the card to your address or notify you to pick it up. The entire process may take up to 35 days.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Antioch?

In Antioch, public marijuana consumption is prohibited. Although cannabis use is permitted in private residences, employers and property owners may restrict it on their properties.

How to Buy Cannabis at an Antioch Dispensary

You can buy cannabis at an Antioch dispensary by ordering cannabis online or visiting the physical address of a licensed dispensary. You should have cash and valid identification as evidence that you are 21 or older. If you intend to purchase medical cannabis, you must have a physician’s recommendation or medical marijuana card.

The Average Price of Cannabis in Antioch

The average price of one gram of cannabis is $15, while one ounce of high-quality cannabis strain in Antioch costs about $130.

Most Popular Strains in Antioch

The most popular cannabis strains in Antioch are:

  • OG Kush

  • Skywalker OG

  • Blue Dream

  • Green Crack

  • Sour Diesel

Can You Smoke in Public in Antioch?

Although marijuana is legal, public use is still prohibited. The California Health & Safety Code prohibits cannabis smoking in any public location, including parks, walkways, businesses, and residences. A $100 fine is imposed for the violation of the public consumption law.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Antioch?

According to the MAUCRSA, Antioch residents of legal age may possess up to 28 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of cannabis-infused products per day. Also, Antioch adults aged 21 or older can cultivate up to six plants for personal recreational use at home in the city. Medical marijuana patients can possess up to 8 ounces of medical cannabis in Antioch. Antioch medical cannabis patients are allowed to cultivate up to 12 immature cannabis plants and 6 mature plants at home.

Can I Ship Cannabis to Antioch?

You may only transport cannabis if you are moving from one California location to Antioch or from Antioch to another California jurisdiction. However, you cannot ship cannabis across state lines to Antioch, as cannabis transportation across state lines is illegal and attracts severe penalties.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Antioch?

Yes, you can order marijuana online in Antioch.

Are there 24-hour Dispensaries in Antioch?

The Antioch Municipal Code does not state specific operating hours for cannabis dispensaries in the city. However, state law only permits cannabis storefront retailers to conduct their businesses between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Antioch?

Tourists in the City of Antioch with valid government-issued IDs can purchase recreational marijuana in the city. However, tourists cannot buy medical marijuana unless registered with the California Medical Marijuana Program.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Antioch?

Yes. Security within an Antioch dispensary is a serious matter. You will be required to present an acceptable ID once you enter a cannabis dispensary in the city. You must show a government-issued ID proving you are 21 or older when visiting an Antioch cannabis dispensary. You will be asked to leave if you cannot present an acceptable ID.

Best Dispensaries in Antioch

Some of the best cannabis dispensaries in Antioch:

  • One Plant Dispensary

  • Lemonnade Dispensary

  • Delta Dispensary

  • Coco Farms

You can find the addresses and operating hours of cannabis dispensaries in Antioch using the search query "weed dispensaries near me" on an online search engine or tool.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Antioch?

Yes. Antioch cannabis dispensaries scan the IDs of customers before selling them cannabis or cannabis products. Per state law, cannabis may only be sold to persons aged 21 or older or with medical cannabis recommendations. Hence, dispensaries must verify that a buyer falls into either of the categories.

How Many Dispensaries are in Antioch?

There are at least nine cannabis dispensaries in the City of Antioch.

Can Dispensaries in Antioch Take Credit Cards?

No. Cannabis transactions in Antioch and California remain predominantly a cash-only business. Most of the dispensaries in the city only accept cash. Credit cards are typically not accepted.

How Many dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

You may visit multiple marijuana dispensaries in one day. State and local laws do not restrict the number of cannabis retail outlets you may visit daily. However, regardless of the number of retail outlets visited, you cannot purchase more than is permitted under the law.

Do Dispensaries in Antioch Take Health Insurance?

Antioch dispensaries do not take health insurance from buyers looking to purchase cannabis products.

Do Dispensaries in Antioch Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes. Antioch dispensaries track cannabis purchases made in their facilities and log the data for easy access by other dispensaries. Hence, you cannot buy more marijuana than is permitted by law.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Antioch at Age 18?

In Antioch, you cannot legally enter a marijuana dispensary unless you are at least 21 years old and can present a valid government-issued ID. If you are at least 18 years old and have a medical recommendation, you may enter a medical cannabis dispensary in the city.

Where Can I Find the Antioch Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

The California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) regulates cannabis activities in Antioch statewide in California. For more information about the DCC, visit the Contact Us page of the California Cannabis website.

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Antioch?

You can report illegal cannabis activities in Antioch using the File a Complaint tool on the Department of Cannabis Control website. You may contact the Antioch Police Department using the file a police report tool on the City of Antioch website.