San Bruno Brings Out New Cannabis Regulation

The city of San Bruno, has brought out some new regulations that details the operations of cannabis retailers within the city’s jurisdictions. This is coming after the city decided to approve the commencement of retail cannabis distribution in the city. The regulations provide that up to 3 stores would be used around notable places in the city such as San Mateo Avenue, El Camino real, and San Bruno Avenue. Subsequently another store could be added which would be situated in the Tanforan mall and a delivery facility which would be situated in the city north of San Bruno and east of El Camino.

The need for the commencement became even more necessary when the fact that delivery services are being carried out in the city by outsiders thus taking with them taxes that could have been used to benefit the residents of the city. Residents of the city noted that though there are currently storefronts in the, these store fronts actually do not have any stores, which as it stands is of no value to the city, they maintained that value would be gotten from the storefront, when it is functioning and has human traffic and there is good security.

Several residents actually expressed their preference for cannabis stores when compared to retail stores, one resident showed their shock at the fact that there was a gun store in the city, however the opening of a dispensary was being restricted. On the other hand, persons who are against the move expressed their concern because of the potential increase in crime and the effect it has on children.

Each of the stores to be opened will however be subject to the city’s regulations as well as the state’s provisions which prohibits the store from opening within 600 feet of any school, day care or youth centre, and parks. The tax on retail cannabis sales, which was also approved by voters in 2020 at the rate of 10%, could bring in up to $235,000 on a yearly basis from each store for the benefit of the city, but the rules which were released by the council made a recommendation of reducing the taxes to 5%.

Other marijuana friendly cities include South San Francisco and their tax is placed between 3% to 5%, Redwood city which charges 4% and Pacifica which charges 8.75%. The rules also provide a permitting fee of $18,000 and a renewal fee of $6,000.

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