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Is Cannabis Cultivation Legal in Yolo County?

Yes. Both recreational and medical use cannabis cultivation is legal in Yolo County, California. In 1996, 55.58% of Californians voted in favor of Proposition 215, also referred to as the Compassionate Use Act. The Act legalized the use of marijuana to treat life-limiting medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, and migraine. Similarly, in 2016, 57% of Californians voted in favor of Proposition 64, also referred to as the Adult Use Marijuana Act. The Act permits the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 years and older. The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) regulates the state's cannabis activities.

In line with the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), cities and counties are responsible for setting rules for regulating cannabis businesses in their jurisdictions. Per Yolo County Ordinance Chapter 20 Title 5, cultivation of cannabis is legal. The county ordinance mandates that all marijuana cultivation done in the county is consistent with state laws.

Yolo County permits residents to cultivate no more than 6 marijuana plants for both medical and recreational purposes. Medical marijuana cultivated for personal use must not exceed six marijuana plants per premise regardless of the number of medical marijuana patients residing on the property. Yolo County ordinance mandates that personal use medical marijuana cultivation must be done on a patient's permanent resident and the patient may not cultivate marijuana anywhere else in the county. Marijuana cultivation in Yolo County must be done in compliance to the guidelines of the Health and Safety Code Section 11362.2.

On the other hand, individuals seeking to cultivate marijuana commercially must first obtain a cultivation license. Per Yolo County Ordinance Chapter 20 Title 5, all cannabis cultivation must be out of the public view. Outdoor cultivation of maijuana is legal in Yolo County. However, if the cultivation area is visible to the public, applicants for outdoor cannabis cultivation must provide a screening strategy as part of the Use Permit Application. In general, the county limits the number of cultivation licenses it issues to 49 applicants.

Residents may contact the Yolo County Cannabis Control Unit at (530) 406-4800 or emails forwarded to cannabis@yolocounty.org with questions regarding permitted and licensed cannabis sites.

Is Cannabis Manufacturing Legal in Yolo County?

Yes, cannabis manufacturing is legal in Yolo County. According to the Department of Cannabis Control's Regulations, cannabis manufacturing refers to all parts of the extraction, infusion, post-processing, remediation, packing, and labeling of cannabis products. It also includes the processing, preparing, holding, and storing of cannabis products and the materials used to manufacture cannabis products. Yolo County Land Use Ordinance classifies cannabis manufacturing into 4 categories. These categories include;

  • Manufacturing - Volatile
  • Manufacturing - Non-Volatile
  • Manufacturing - Packaging and Labeling
  • Manufacturing - Infusion

Cannabis manufacturers must comply with the local requirements of Yolo County for setting up cannabis manufacturing businesses within its borders. Per Yolo County Land Use Ordinance, all cannabis manufacturing businesses must obtain licenses from the Department of Cannabis Control. The type of license required by cannabis businesses depends on the category of cannabis manufacturing they use. Individuals manufacturing with the use of volatile liquids must obtain a manufacturing license type 7. Similarly, manufacturers involved in the packaging, labeling, manufacturing with non-volatile liquids, and infusion need license types 6, 6N, and 6P respectively, to operate in the county. Per Yolo County Code Title 8 Chapter 2 Article 5, manufacturers intending to manufacture cannabis on the agricultural zone (A-N, A-X, A-I, A-C) and the Industrial zones (I-L, I-H) must obtain a major use permit from the county.

Per Yolo County Land Use Ordinances, cannabis cultivation in residential zones (RR-5, RR-2, R-L, R-M, R-H) and commercial cones (C-L, DMX) is illegal. On the other hand, in commercial zones (C-G, C-H), only the packaging and labeling of cannabis products are permitted. Yolo county also expressly prohibits the manufacture of Cannabis in the Capay Valley. These areas include cities like Guinda, Rumsey, Brooks, and Capey.

Is Cannabis Retail Legal in Yolo County?

Yes. Yolo County permits licensed businesses to run marijuana dispensaries and retail cannabis. However, the county only issues 15 marijuana retail business permits. Per Yolo County Code Title 8 Chapter 2 Article , only 5 storefront and 10 non-storefront retail businesses are permitted to operate in Yolo County. These businesses must possess Yolo County cannabis use permits.

Cannabis dispensaries in Yolo County are permitted to sell different types of cannabis products provided it is within the confines of the Law. Adults 21 years and older can legally purchase cannabis from dispensaries in Yolo County. However, per Yolo County Code Title 8 Chapter 2 Article 5, cannabis retail is prohibited in the Capay Valley region.

In Yolo County, retail businesses may not operate in residential or agricultural zones. Storefront retail is permitted in commercial zones (C-L, DMX), (C-G, DMX), and Industrial zones (I-L, IH). On the other hand, Non-storefront retail is permitted for commercial zones (C-G, DMX) and Industrial zones (I-L, IH).

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Yolo County?

Cannabis delivery is legal in Yolo County. Per Yolo County Code Title 8 Chapter 2 Article 5, retail businesses may deliver cannabis to residential addresses for both recreational and medical cannabis users.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Yolo County

Under California's Medical Marijuana Program, a Yolo County resident with a debilitating medical condition and possessing a doctor's recommendation may obtain a medical marijuana card. This card permits the patients and their caregivers to purchase as much marijuana as they require to treat their medical condition without civil recourse.

To obtain a medical marijuana card, interested parties must schedule an appointment with the Public Health Services Department. Interested residents may call the Department at 1 (833) 744-4472 toll-free 24 hours a day or the Yolo County Department of Health at 1 (530) 666-8645 between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. Applications for a medical marijuana identification card must complete and submitted in person to:

Yolo County Public Health Services

137N Cottonwood Street, Suite 2100

Woodland, CA,95695.

To apply, provide the following:

  • A completed Medical Marijuana Program Application/Renewal Form
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • A copy of the applicant's medical records from a qualified physician. The record must state the medical condition that qualifies the applicant for medical marijuana use.
  • Application fee of $40. However, residents under MediCal insurance pay a $20 application fee.

How Has Cannabis Legalization Impacted the Economy of Yolo County?

Cannabis legalization has had a positive impact on Yolo County's economy. According to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, Yolo County tax revenue figures have progressively increased since the legalization of cannabis.

The Cannabis Sales by County Report shows that, in Quarter-four of 2018, cannabis per capita sale was $8.07, and the total taxable sales from cannabis was $1.7 million. In 2019, the county the total cannabis per capita sales figure was $70.89 and total taxable revenue from cannabis sale was $15.6 million. Similarly, in 2020, total taxable cannabis sales revenue was $31.1 million, while the cannabis per capita sales figure was $140.74. Data collected in the first 3 quarters of 2021, show that the total per capita sales figure currently sits at $126.23, and total taxable cannabis income is 27.4 million. These figures show that over the years there has been a continuous growth in per capita income and taxable sales revenue from the state.

The Effects of Cannabis Legalization on Crime Rates in Yolo County?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Data, there has been a general decline in the crime rate in Yolo County since the legalization of Cannabis. This Decline is significantly notable in drug-related arrests. In 2016, of the total 684 drug-related arrests in Yolo County, 641 were for drug possession arrests, and 43 were for drug sale arrests. In 2017, of the 512 drug-related arrests in Yolo County, 484 were for drug possession, and 28 were for drug sale. Similarly, 2018 and 2019 drug arrests figures were 482 and 429 respectively. In 2018, of the 482 drug arrests, 456 were for drug possession, and 26 were for drug sales. In 2019, of 429 drug-related arrests in Yolo County, 393 were for drug possession, and 36 were for drug sales.

DUI arrests in Yolo County have remained unpredictable since the legalization of marijuana. In 2017, there were 75 DUI arrests in Yolo County. This number decreased to 34 DUI arrests in Yolo County in 2018 and 43 in 2019.

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