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California Governor Signs New Law Reducing Cannabis Tax Burden

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California Governor Signs New Law Reducing Cannabis Tax Burden

On the 30th of June, 2022 the Governor of California signed a new bill into law that reduces taxes associated with the production and sales of Marijuana, making a huge positive impact in the industry which has been burdened under the heavy taxes such as the 15% excise tax applicable all over the state, the 10.75% sales and use tax and the 15% local business licences which is not essentially applicable throughout the state but in some jurisdictions as well as the cultivation tax imposed on cannabis flowers to the tune of $161.28 per dry weight pound.

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150 Californian Retail Licenses Can Be Created During Ballot Measures by The End of This Fall

More than 20 counties and cities in California will be able to establish new markets for recreational cannabis by the end of this Fall.

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California Governor Signs Law to Protect Employees Using Cannabis

California’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom signed a law on September 18 to protect workers using marijuana off work.

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California: First Weed Store Operated by Social Equity License Holder Opened in Sacramento City

Two years after Sacramento City Council had authorized 10 retail licenses for those impacted by the war or arrested, the first weed store, operated by the social equity license holder, opened in a city

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California Bill Seeks to Establish Interstate Commerce Among Cannabis Legalized States

A California bill introduced by Senator Anna Caballero will provide the state with the opportunity to engage in marijuana transactions with other states.

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California Governor Signs Bills to Increase the Cannabis Industry

Nowadays, the legalization of cannabis has been supported by many countries and states. Interestingly enough, the state of California is not an exception.

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Weed Farmers in Santa Barbara County, California, Are Supposed To Lose Acreage Due to the Changing Rules

The certificated marijuana cultivators in the province of Santa Barbara are supposed to lose their secured acreage if they do not grow the total quantity they have applied in the 3rd renewal of the license.

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San Bruno Brings Out New Cannabis Regulation

The city of San Bruno, has brought out some new regulations that details the operations of cannabis retailers within the city’s jurisdictions.